Original Applications from Toronto Neighbourhoods that wanted to Go Neutral: 30

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Attendees at Neighbourhood Summit in July 2012: 100.

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So far more than 1400 households have engaged with Project Neutral's on-line tools!

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In Toronto, a group of residents in two neighbourhoods, Riverdale and the Junction, have pioneered Project Neutral.

What we have accomplished to date:

Over the last three years (2010 – 2013), over 1,000 households have completed the Household Carbon Footprint Survey.  80% of participants who completed the survey all three years achieved an average 20% reduction per household - or 5 tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions per household. 

This is equivalent to taking one car off the road for a year for each participating household.

But Toronto, your job is not done - we need you to keep tracking your household footprints, spreading the word about carbon emissions and engaging more and more neighbourhoods so that we can transition all of Toronto to carbon neutrality!

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Project Neutral's Roots in Toronto: Riverdale (Ward 30) and the Junction (Ward 13)

As the home of the Junction and Riverdale, residents in Ward 13 and Ward 30 have been working with Project Neutral from the beginning. Primarily driven by members of the Junction's Green13, as well as Riverdale PN (see Neighbourhood Steering Committees to learn more) and countless other residents and volunteers, Ward 13 and Ward 30 have been instrumental in the creation of Household Carbon Footprint Survey and Project Neutral's program in general. From piloting the program on ten streets in 2011, to engaging at the ward level, residents have been completing the survey and benchmarking their household footprints for three years!

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Toronto, HELP is here! 

HELP is a new financing tool offered by the City of Toronto to help you improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money. 

HELP provides an alternative to traditional financing. A homeowner voluntarily applies to the City of Toronto’s Program and enters into an agreement with the City of Toronto to undertake qualifying energy efficiency and water conservation improvements. 

Upgrading your insulation and replacing an old furnace are examples of cost-effective improvements - also called retrofits - that can cut your energy bills, improve home comfort and reduce harmful emissions to the environment.

To learn more about this excellent program click here.

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