Guelph: Which neighbourhood will have the lowest footprint?

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Coming October 1st, 2014 - Project Neutral will be launched in Guelph!

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 14.21: the Average Carbon Footprint for High-rise households in Guelph.

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 19.21: the Average Carbon Footprint for Mid-rise in Guelph.

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Emerge Guelph

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Responsible for rolling out the Project Neutral Program in Guelph, eMERGE is working with the following neighbourhoods to engage its citizens and change the conversation about climate change!

Look for events in:

Hanlon Creek

West Willow Village

The Junction

The Downtown Neighbourhood

About eMERGE

eMERGE Guelph is a gathering point for homes, streets and neighbourhoods to accelerate progress on the ground. We work with teams of people to test innovative ideas, undertake sustainable actions and scale up projects across the city.  

We are a new collaboration comprised of local utilities, the City of Guelph and a diverse group of governmental organizations aiming to transform our city toward ‘net zero’ impact in the areas of energy, water, transportation, waste and food. eMerge will help realize the necessary steps to significantly reduce Guelph’s community environmental impact by 2031.

eMERGE in the NEWS

Project Neutral: Making Guelph a Better Place

August 14, 2014

Last week, we appeared in the Guelph Tribune! Guelph will be the first city to launch Project Neutral outside of Toronto, where the program was developed. While community sustainability is the name of the game, the comparative aspects of the program help to motivate residents to take positive action and connect people to the resources available that will enable simple and impactful changes.

To learn more about what introducing the Project Neutral program can do for you and your city, check out the article here:

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