Guelph: Which neighbourhood will have the lowest footprint?

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Coming October 1st, 2014 - Project Neutral will be launched in Guelph!

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 14.21: the Average Carbon Footprint for High-rise households in Guelph.

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 19.21: the Average Carbon Footprint for Mid-rise in Guelph.

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The Junction Guelph

Established by some neighbours with a dream, the Junction had its first event September 2013.

It’s boundaries (although all will always be welcome) are Paisley Road, Edinburgh Road, Wellington Street, and the Silvercreek extension/Hanlon.

A team of 9 neighbours living within those boundaries are working hard to create ways for neighbours to get involved and build community with each other.

Interested in finding out about all the great events happening in the Junction - Guelph, well check out their calendar here!

Cover photo generously provided by Kim Lawrence

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