Guelph: Which neighbourhood will have the lowest footprint?

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Coming October 1st, 2014 - Project Neutral will be launched in Guelph!

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 14.21: the Average Carbon Footprint for High-rise households in Guelph.

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 19.21: the Average Carbon Footprint for Mid-rise in Guelph.

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West Willow Village

Our mandate is to work together to build a stronger sense of community by developing, organizing, planning, implementing and promoting community based programs, activities and events which meet the leisure and recreational needs of the members of the West Willow Village Community. 

Our boundaries span Guelph’s western limits to the Hanlon Expressway, and Speedvale Avenue to the CP rail tracks north of Paisley Road.
All that live within are already a part of the Village, please consider joining in on our next activity or attending a Village Leadership Board Meeting!

Cover photo generously provided by Kim Lawrence

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