Everyone always has questions. We've put together a summary of common questions that we have received over the years.

These areas are divided into sections for your convienence.  

What is Project Neutral?

       Are there programs similar to Project Neutral in other places?

       What communities are you currently working in?

       What is a carbon neutral neighbourhood?

       Why do you want to reduce our neighbourhood’s carbon footprint?

The CarbonShift Tracker

       What information do I need with me to complete the Tracker?

       How long does completing the Tracker take?

       Can I save changes and come back to finish it later?

       I don’t know how to complete a section of the Tracker. Is there someone I can contact who can help me?


      How do you measure my household’s carbon footprint?

      If everyone in the neighbourhood doesn’t participate, how do we reach carbon neutrality as a neighbourhood?

      I am very excited and want to get involved. How do I participate?

Take Action

     How will Project Neutral help my neighbourhood reduce its carbon footprint?

     But you must know things we can do now. What are a few things my household can do to reduce my carbon footprint?

    What can our neighbourhood do outside our households to reduce carbon emissions?

City of Toronto FAQs

City of Guelph FAQs

City of London Active & Green Community FAQs

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News from Project Neutral

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